Calculus 2

Integrals, sequences and series, and more are covered in this comprehensive Calculus 2 course offering full lectures available 24/7, plus additional live video access to an instructor {included in course not class}. 

11 Week Course | Starts: January 10 2021

In Calculus 2 we focus more on the applications of integration, and the uses of sequences and series. The course follows a traditional semester outline and will take place as follows over the 10-week program. 

Every week, two video lectures covering the outlined concepts will be made available. Each lesson will be accompanied by a separate live discussion session with an instructor (two per week) who will guide you throughout the course. Fridays will serve as office hours where your instructor will revise the material for the week and you will have the option to take advantage of the extra review as you see fit. 

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Video Course

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Video + Live Lesson Review

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Calculus 2 course Includes:

  • 41 Lessons
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