Calculus Prep

Worried you’ve forgotten all the math you’ve learned until now? Or just need to freshen up on a few things before you take the leap into Calculus? Not to worry– here you’ll find everything you need to take that step confidently.

Preparation for Calculus

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Mastering calculus can seem like an impossible task, but surely with the right foundation, you can reach an understanding of it. This course prepares students to succeed in the challenges that lie ahead by making sure a solid foundation is set beforehand. 

3 Week Course
Starts: August 1, 2020

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Peta-Gaye Bisset
Peta-Gaye Bisset

A product of the South Florida educational system, Peta-Gaye attended the University of Miami. After graduating with a degree in Mathematics she entered the world Actuarial Science and Computer Programming.