Preparation for Calculus

Mastering calculus can seem like an impossible task, but surely with the right foundation, you can reach an understanding of it. This course prepares students to succeed in the challenges that lie ahead by making sure a solid foundation is set beforehand. 

3 Week Course | Starts: Starts August 1, 2020

Calculus helps provide solutions to problems that algebra alone cannot solve. Nonetheless, a basic understanding of algebra and other fundamental branches of math are crucial for setting a foundation for what’s to come. Take advantage of this condensed course and freshen up on algebra, geometry, and trigonometry before diving into calculus. 

Note, this is a mini course which takes place over the course of three weeks and is designed to review concepts that students should have a domain of before being introduced to calculus. 

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Preparation for Calculus course Includes:

  • 8 Lessons